Creative Curriculum

Rise & Shine Academy (RSA) uses The Creative Curriculum® in all of its classrooms. It is a nationally recognized, evidence-based early childhood curriculum designed to foster children’s social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development.

The Infant/Toddler curriculum focuses on providing responsive care in an environment that promotes building relationships and encourages exploration and discovery within the context of consistent daily classroom routines. Teachers observe each child to identify strengths, interests and needs and develop weekly plans designed to promote learning and to support each child to achieve developmental milestones. Parents are encouraged to be active partners in promoting their child’s healthy development and are always welcome to spend time in the classroom and share information that will help better coordinate the quality care and education that serve to lay a strong foundation for learning.

The preschool curriculum is based on the belief that children learn best when actively involved with peers in a classroom environment rich with stimulating materials offered in well-organized learning centers. Rise & Shine Academy preschool classes are designed to foster the child’s development through teacher-led small and large group activities. The classroom is organized around interest areas such as blocks, dramatic play, art, library, scientific discovery and music and movement. Outdoor play is an important part of each day’s activity schedule. Child assessments are an ongoing part of the curriculum. Teachers observe each child and use what they’ve learned to be responsive to the child’s interest and needs. By individualizing the classroom experience, teachers are able to motivate children to learn and build strong relationships with families.